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4 Person Subscription Box


4 Person Monthly Subscription Box
One time
Every month


Four person monthly subscription box.

Each month we curate a new box with a range of our Isle of Wight meat. These include everything from our signature salt-age steaks through to our handmade pies.

Through signing up for a subscription box we offer a 10% discount and a FREE bonus cut in every box.

Each month we aim to provide a diverse range of cuts, allowing for meat free and fish days in between.

May 4 Person Box

Chicken Breast, Skin On 360g 4
Shoulder of Pork 1.5kg 1
Underblade Fillet 450g 1
Rib Eye Steak Sharing Steak 500g 1
Pork Chops 500g 2
Lamb Cutlets 480g 2
Bavette Steak 200g 4
Diced Pork 500g 1
Minced Beef 500g 1
Minced Lamb 500g 1
Beef Shin 1kg 1
Chicken & Bacon Pie 230g 4
Lincolnshire Sausages 454g 2
Smoked Back Bacon 250g 2
Bonus Cut n/a 1

*Occasionally we may run out of stock on certain lines, if this is the case we will call to arrange an alternative cut

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