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Mexican Adobo (33g)



Guajillo, ancho, cinnamon, thyme, cumin, clove and oregano form this authentic Mexican Adobo Spice Mix. Wonderfully spicy with punchy herbal flavours, this blend is a crowd-pleaser straight from the pouch.

Throughout Mexico, adobo is a marinade created by mixing tomatoes, chillies, herbs and spices to form a shocking red paste. The paste is liberally spread over meat and grilled or used as a cooking sauce.

To use, just mix a few teaspoons with lime juice and garlic and rub on meat, poultry, vegetables and fish. It also works well as an authentic base for fajita, tacos and burritos.

We like to mix with passata, garlic and olive oil and marinade bavette steak overnight – adding the lime juice before cooking. If you add the lime at the start of the marinade the acidity will reduce the punch of the chilli.

Full Ingredients:

Sea Salt

Guajillo Chillies, Crushed

Ancho Chillies Ground

Cinnamon Bark, Whole

Thyme Leaves, Wild-Grown

Cumin Seeds White, Whole

Clove Buds ‘Hand-Select’, Whole

Oregano Leaves, Wild-Grown

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