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Madras Curry Blend (33g)



The well-known, spicy curry powder Madras draws on the influences of the Chennai region (formally known as Madras). The people living in this area were fond of heat and specifically the use of whole and crushed chillies. Our Madras Curry Powder is a mix of sweet, fruity and peppery spices, with an overlay of punchy chilli.

Its vibrant red colour and the balance of hot, sweet and tangy flavours make Madras Curry Powder vital for any spicy food lover! Madras Curry Powder is traditionally used with meat but is also a great Indian spice blend for root vegetable curries.

This Indian spice blend lends itself to rich cuts of meat like beef, lamb and game.

Full Ingredients:

Coriander Seeds, Whole

Cumin Seeds White, Whole

Red Chillies, Crushed

Mustard Seeds Brown, Whole

Curry Leaves

Ginger Root, Whole

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