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Free Range Diced Chicken 400g


Origin: Heywood Farm, Terry Hill, Radstock, Somerset.
Game-Hung: 10-14 days
Dry Plucked


Due to the Isle of Wight no longer having a commercial poultry producer our birds are sourced from Stuart Perkins at Castlemead Poultry in Somerset. Stuart is a passionate poultry breeder with similar values to us at Cheverton, he is also only about 50 miles away (as the crow flies) so it keeps the food miles to a minimum.

From morning to nightfall the chickens are free to explore the fields surrounding their houses, incorporating natural goodness into their diets to compliment the locally grown and milled cereals they are fed. At night they retire to their houses for protection from the fox and a good night’s sleep.

The birds are slow grown and processed at 10-12 weeks (your typical supermarket/butchers shop bird is processed at 4 weeks) and are given no additives, growth hormones or anything that will alter their natural growth.

Finally the birds are traditionally dry-plucked and game-hung for 10-14 days to mature, this allows the fat to marble and the meat to tenderise.

The overall process is costly and can only be done by rearing the birds to full maturity and dry-plucking, this ensures they have a hard layer of fat under the skin for an indelibly rich depth of flavour.

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