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Our vision for the Isle of Wight Meat Co. was driven by a major lack of meat processing and ageing facilities on the Island. There were no facilities that could handle significant numbers of carcasses at once and no means for smaller producers to process and market their own stock.

So throughout the development of the plant a key objective was to provide a facility where all producers, whether they were a smallholder with a few pigs or a major lamb farmer with 2000 ewes, could access facilities that would allow them to age, process and package their stock and either feed into our supply chain or develop their own.

As a result we provide the following services:

  • Coordination of transport, slaughter and return of stock
  • Stock can include beef cattle, lambs, mutton, pigs, goats and deer
  • Tailored ageing plans
  • Bespoke processing/cutting specifications
  • Personalised packaging & labelling

We currently send stock to the abattoir every fortnight and soon hope to be offering a weekly service.

Please get in contact with the farm office team for further information.

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