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Our beef, lamb and pork is traditionally dry-aged in Cheverton Farm’s own Himalayan salt chamber.

The chamber is maintained at 2 degrees with a constant humidity of 79%, this provides the optimum environment to age the meat without any spoilage. We have also installed 8 square metres of Himalayan salt wall to further restrict the growth of unwanted bacteria whilst promoting the growth of beneficial moulds such as Thamnidium.

Dry-ageing allows a series of processes to occur in the meat; enzymes break down the proteins, carbohydrates and fats, developing sweet and umami flavours. The evaporation of moisture from the meat further intensifies the flavours and the break down of sinew and connective tissue develops a superior tenderness.

We age our beef on the bone for up to 60 days, lamb for up to 14 days and pork up to 10 days.

As a part of our bespoke service we can age beef up to 120 days upon request. Please contact us for further information.

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