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Cuts Of Beef

Do you know your cuts of beef?

All our beef comes from Cheverton Farm on the Isle of Wight. There are many different cuts of beef, and the names can vary slightly depending on the region. Here are some of the most common cuts of beef: Ribeye:…

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Isle Of Wight Turkey Crown White

Reasons to eat turkey

As well as being tasty, turkey meat can be a healthy source of protein with a number of nutritional benefits: Six reasons to eat turkey Low in fat: Turkey meat is generally low in fat, particularly saturated fat, which makes…

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Nose-to-Tail Guide #1: Offal

From the early beginnings of the Isle of Wight Meat Co. we knew that a core part of our ethos was to promote a nose-to-tail approach to the butchery and consumption of our stock. If we are going to eat…

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The Difference between Lamb, Hogget & Mutton

The Difference between Lamb, Hogget & Mutton At Cheverton we previously produced lambs solely for major UK retailers, hoggets and mutton were never part of the model. Lambs rarely progressed to hoggets and ewes at the end of their life were simply retired…

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10 Tips for Cooking a Perfect Steak

The Isle of Wight Meat Co.’s guide to cooking the perfect beef steak. When it comes to cooking steak there is no one size fits all, as each cut is different and needs treating individually. There is a world of steaks…

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